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Welcome to Thorold Kidz Club!

At Living Water Community Church, we value the importance of mentoring and inspiring children with Biblical truths, so they are equipped to deal with any life challenges throughout their lives. Whether it is Sunday School or mid-week Wednesday KIDZ Club, we have a creative team of people who love children and who know how to create a fun, safe and nurturing environment where children learn about God and how He applies to their lives, even as children.  We invite you to consider the following events that will help you in raising healthy and secure children.


Sunday School

During the Sunday morning service (which starts at 10:30AM), children from Grades 1-5 enjoy age-appropriate fun times with gym games, crafts, Bible stories and life applicable exercises tied to the story.


Kidz Club

Dedicated Club Counsellors plan for a fun time every Wednesday 6:30-8:00 PM with gym games and sports, crafts, music and small group discussions about Bible characters and Bible stories that instill values and wisdom into the children. Lessons are designed to reach the ages of SK to Grade 5.  Badges are earned for newly acquired skills and good deeds. In addition to the weekly program, children will enjoy special outings throughout the school year as well, as we go into the community and help others. Your child will have such a great time every week, that he/she will not want to miss any. There is a small annual fee of $25 per child, to help defray the cost of individual workbooks, craft supplies, refreshments, etc. No child is to be left out, so please do not hesitate to inquire about having this fee subsidized if need be.


To register for KIDZ Club any time throughout the year, contact Rylan (KIDZ Club Coordinator) at 365 880 4513 


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